Compliance CEMS

Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for compliance with EPA and State regulations demands an intimate knowledge of the process, monitoring and ancillary hardware, control system, and reporting software requirements. No CEMS integrator builds a higher quality system than Spectrum Systems. Experts in dilution, extractive, in-situ, and hybrid CEMS for over 35 years, Spectrum's staff brings a wealth of experience to the design table to assist customers in meeting their monitoring needs.

Process Control CEMS

Process Monitoring Systems bring unique challenges as monitoring locations can be located upstream of control devices in stratified and heavy particulate laden gas streams. Monitoring approaches specifically tailored to meet these challenges must be designed into the system from the outset. Integration of real time monitoring data into the process control system typically requires inclusion of PLC interfaces in the design. Spectrum Systems experienced staff understands these challenges.

Mobile Testing Systems

Mobile Testing Systems, operated by stack testers and process optimization teams, present design challenges which are better understood and addressed by a system integrator with employees actively engaged in testing activities. This unique insight allows for a streamlined design of both fully automated or manual systems best suited for the application and environment the test teams will encounter.