Spectrum Systems developed SpectraView®, a UNIX based Data Acquisition and Handling Software (DAHS) package, in response to passage of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. One of few DAHS vendors able to successfully, and on schedule, submit reports in the newly required electronic data (EDR) format required by 40CFR75, Spectrum's software department continues to provide outstanding products, service, and support to customers across the country encompassing a wide range of industries.

SpectraView® PRISM

SpectraView®-PRISM builds on Spectrum's 30+ years of fully automated monitoring and reporting experience. A suite of applications and drivers designed to operate with Microsoft's Windows and SQL Server product lines, SpectraView®-PRISM is built from the ground up to meet current and future regulatory agency reporting requirements. Scalable to handle even the most complex configurations, SpectraView®-PRISM can operate in both standalone and enterprise environments.


SpectraView®-PRISM features include:

  • Convenient access to Data and Alarms
  • Notifications, Alerts, and Trends
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Custom Defined User Roles
  • Unlimited Client Licenses
  • Reports with MS-Excel and Adobe .pdf integration